Tiny Tools

Solid Carbide tools for working in small bores (from  diameter 2.1 mm).
These tools are made for the high tech, medical & small components industry.
They are used in machining centers or conventional machines.
The Tiny Tools are available in the excellent BXC TiN coated grade, for machining a wide range of stainless steels in low cutting speed.
These tools can perform the following applications -
  • Boring
  • Back Turning
  • Profiling and Boring
  • Threading
  • Chamfering and Boring
  • Grooving
  • Face Grooving

All tools include cooling channel on the shank, enable the cooling fluid to reach efficiently the cutting edge, for easy chip removal and smooth cutting operation.

BMK - Sub-micron grade with advanced PVD triple coating (ISO K10-K20).

Extremely high heat resistant and smooth cutting operation , for high performance, and normal machining conditions. General purpose for all materials.

Kits are also available.